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Alternate reality, quantum reality, alternate universe… They all encompass the same general concept, another world coexisting with ours. Why do they fascinate us so much? Because it’s an escape!

I have always been intrigued by the thought of there being something better, something else, outside of what I knew and loved. Growing up as a writer, I found that I’d write what I knew, unicorns and dragons, things from fairytales told to me by my mother. Never once had I learned of different worlds that existed alongside ours, yet on a different plane. Another world is not what I mean, as I’m sure most already know. These worlds are happening right here and right now, yet we can’t see them. They are the present, past and future, yet we may never know they are there.

It wasn’t until I saw What the BLEEP Do We Know that I finally understood what another reality truly was. Seeing that movie enlightened me to the possibilities that everything truly is happening all at the same time and that there constantly are other realities existing in the same exact moment.

Never had I thought of writing about an alternate reality until I was about five chapters into my novel, The Blood Moon of Winter. As I was writing, another world came forward and took over. It was as if this other reality had been there all along and chose that moment to become known. I say it like this because that is how it happened. I don’t plot out my stories, but let them write themselves through my fingertips.

While my novel involves an alternate reality, I like to call it my creative reality. It’s not a world like ours, but one that only the deepest recesses of my imagination could come up with. It’s a reality that only exists in my mind and the pages of my books and it continues to move forward and grow even without my help. Though it is in my mind, it is real within, making it a true reality for me because I can escape to it whenever I like.

It is my creative reality and it is my escape.


About the Author

Courtney is an independently published Paranormal Fantasy author with one published novel for sale and another on its way.

She is passionate about her work and strongly supports the indie writing community, working with fellow authors to help promote their own works (as well as her own), through blogging and reviewing.

She has great aspirations of becoming a stay at home novelist one day…





As the land of Makayra deteriorates, its people seek the help of one that might save them. The only chance of survival is the return of the goddess of the land yet she is nowhere to be found in their world. Through magic and determination, the Prophecy of Resurgence will come to pass.

Their search leads them to discover Lilyana, a… shy, young woman hiding behind her books to avoid the interactions of daily life. The Makayrans must transcend time and space, to bring forth the goddess hidden within Lily and find a way to return her to their world before it is too late.



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To all the wonderful people who joined me for the recent blog hops, thank you!  I certainly enjoy reading about your favorite parts of the season.  I am most looking forward to all my children being together again, and the younger kids are eagerly awaiting their big brothers and sister being here again, too.


The blog hop has been a great success, and an e-mail has been sent to the winner.  Congratulations and enjoy!


Today, I bring you an interview with Mr. Todd Russell, horror writer extraordinaire.


Todd, tell us about yourself.


Hi Laura :) Thank you for inviting me over to your place. The furniture is comfortable and the way the leather squeaks when I slide across it is wild.


Enough about my leather, and would you sit still!  I just barely got all my boys to quit sliding around on the couch.  Tell us about yourself!


My name is Todd Russell and I love reading and writing scary, atmospheric horror and thriller stories. I live near Mt. Rainier in Washington State and when it erupts they say we’ll have 45 minutes to evacuate before being swept away. Living that close to impending destruction is the perfect environment for writers like me.


I used to live just across the way in Bremerton.   I used to commute right down the highway they said would be wiped out in a heartbeat next time it erupts, and my one time driving up to the visitors’ center was a memorable experience, seeing both the destruction and the re-growth.  But we were talking about you!


I’ve been married for 20+ years and have three grown children.

Oh, and I love eating Tabasco sauce on anything that isn’t sweet. Let’s party like it’s 1985!


Do I have to wear neon leg-warmers?  If not, I’m there!  Speaking of neon leg-warmers, what got you into writing in the first place?  What led you into the world of horror and psychological thrillers, and why do you think they, like paranormal stories, continue to fascinate readers and writers alike?


At a very young age, I got into writing after reading. I still love reading a little bit more than writing all these years later. We all are fascinated by our fears on some level. Horror and thriller writers make our hearts beat faster. It’s a strangely pleasurable sensation for many people. We feel better knowing that the bad has been exposed, rather than locked in some dark, dank place . . . waiting.


As if exposing it takes away its power.  I know some people also feel better having confronted, in a sense, the question, What would I do if…?  Tell us about your books.


Thank you. FRESH FLESH is my debut horror, psychological thriller novel about a woman who shipwrecks on a strange, mysterious island and is rescued by a man who is not what he seems. It’s available in both paperback and e-book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine bookstores.


Mental Shrillness is a collection of short stories, each dealing with a powerful emotion. Stories range in size from flash fiction to one story that is 7,200+ words long about a race of weird creatures at a nearby carnival.


I really like the aspect of the strange and mysterious, of people not being what they seem.  Strange creatures at a carnival…intriguing!  You have me curious.  What was the hardest part to write?


Getting going is hard. Once the writing flow begins, everything starts clicking, but getting started can be challenging for me at times.



But you have gotten going on a few more projects.  Tell us about that.


Work continues on the first draft of the second book in my Fresh series. I wrote over 50,000 words during NaNoWriMo last month, but I still have a good amount of story left to finish.

My second novel will be announced this month with a release coming soon. I have two other novel WIP that are at early stages and if the muse cooperates, both of those books will be written in 2012.

As for short work? I’m doing a story streak that involves writing a new short story (at least 250 words) every day. I’ve written 113 consecutive days and stories as of this interview. These stories are being entered into online writing contests and available for a short time online linked on my fans page at



Wow!  And people think I keep busy!  That’s a lot of writing.  I take it you have been influenced by your reading.  What are the top three books that have had the most influence on you as a person and as a writer? Why?

As a writer, I’ve enjoyed The Stand by Stephen King and Swan Song by Robert McCammon. Two great apocalyptic horror stories. For short work? Rod Serling’s writing for The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery. A lot of work by these three excellent writers have shaped both me and my work. Plus factor in masters like Poe, Lovecraft and Bradbury.


I loved the Twilight Zone, and I’ve just downloaded several volumes of Poe to re-read old favorites and discover those I haven’t yet read.  Any advice for other writers?


Keep writing. The more you write, the better you’ll get. I’m not the first or even the hundredth to say this, but it works. Really.


I have to agree.  Of course, I think a lot of people have a burning desire to write, but don’t know what to write.  Where does your inspiration come from? And how do you keep on keeping on?


I try to establish and follow writing habits and routines. My story streak, mentioned earlier, is a good writing exercise for me. It gets my writing brain going.


kickstart stories.  At this point in your life, what do you hope to achieve with your writing?


Like many professionals, I would like to be able to write full-time. I don’t need to be the next Stephen King, but need to earn enough money to afford the time to write the stories out of my head. I have a lot of stories to tell. For those reading who enjoy my work, please tell your friends to check out my books. The greatest compliments any writer can be given are to have their stories read, recommended and shared.


Well said.  What would you like to be known for when you leave this little planet?


As a human being? I’d like to be remembered as a good person who was productive with his life. Writer? People enjoying my work, becoming lost in the stories and swept away. People who feel the art I’m creating.


Thank you again for the interview. Much appreciated.



Thanks, Todd, it was fun.  Except for that thing about the couches.  Now I’m going to have to convince my boys all over again that is not what furniture is for!  I’m off to check out your books!