If you are a lover of historical fiction, these pages are for you.  Each one is compiling extensive lists of historical fiction, organized by time period and country, and cross referenced by various subjects such as historical figures.  I will not attempt to re-create the wheel here, but give the pages already available.


 Historical Fiction Network Search by century.  These listings are broken down even further by exact year in which the novel occurs.  Search by top 10 bestsellers, top 20, etc.  Search by author name.  Ask the site to show books at random.  Search by keyword and exact phrase.  Also includes links to many sites of interest to researchers, history buffs, and writers.

Medieval Novels by Nan Hawthorne.  Nan organizes her page so you can find books by region, genre, and historical figure.  There are also links to several blogs on historical fiction.

Historical Novels Compiles over 5,000 novels with historical settings.  Search by era, place, or author name.  Also has a link to the author’s historical fiction blog, and over 150 book reviews.


Historical Romance If you love both romance and history, this link is for you.  Books are categorized by ‘destination.’  Choose an area of the world, including The High Seas.  Also includes a search box to search the site.

Rose’s Medieval Romances Search by author name.


Astrodene’s Historic Naval Fiction

Historical Fiction and Fiction Blogs:

The Tome Traveller: Globe-trotting with my nose in a book by Carey.  This blog, first of all, is eye-catching and beautifully done.  It covers a broad variety of fiction, including reviews and sponsoring author blog tours and book giveaways.  Karen Essex, historical author, enthusiastically recommended the site to me.

Wendi’s Book Corner: Rainy Day Reads in Seattle An eye-catchingly beautiful site, nicely laid out with indexes to a great variety of book reviews, including historical fiction. 

Historical Fiction Reviews, articles and news on historical fiction, and author guest posts.


Historical Fiction Discussion Forum.  Forums are arranged by time period, continent, and author.

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