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Thank you, Lizzie Walker, for awarding me the Sweetest Blog Award!
The rules of the award are:
The Rules of this award are easy to follow:
1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the Award on to 10 deserving blog buddies.
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  1. My children and God are the most important things in my life.
  2. Pachelbel’s Canon is one of my all-time favorite pieces of music
  4. I like learning languages.  (And presumably one day I’ll even master some of those I study!)
  5. I like trying new food, although I draw the line at anything that still has eyeballs or suction cups.
  6. If I had more time and money, I’d do a lot more skiing, downhill, cross country, and water.
  7. I enjoy finding interesting and unique things at thrift stores and Half Price Books.
  8. My upcoming trips include New York City and anywhere with a better chance of seeing the Northern lights than where I live.
Below are my nominees for sites I really like.  Many are book blogs.  A few are my friends with large families.  I would have loved to include a few more!  Enjoy. 
A. Yamina Collins  at Yamina Today
Christina at Hands Full and Loving It
Carol McFarland at Clan Chronicles

Stirling is one of Scotland’s great castles, architecturally and historically. It dates back at least a thousand years, with reports as early as the 1100′s of Alexander I endowing a chapel there. Standing at a crossroads, it has been the site of many battles, and has associations with such great figures in history as Robert the Bruce, several Jameses, and Mary, Queen of Scots. A tour of the castle includes the beautiful Unicorn tapestries, the chapel, palace, regimental museum, the Douglas gardens, and more.

But perhaps the most intriguing stories of all are not the greats who once dwelt there, but those lesser known, who refuse to leave. Stirling has several, at least. (One site says there are over 1,000.) Most often mentioned are the Green Lady, the Pink Lady, and the Highland Ghost, who likes to pose as a tour guide.

Most famous among them is the Green Lady. She has haunted Stirling for several hundred years, and seems at times to become quite engrossed in, almost entranced by, watching the daily activities of people now living, but at other times appears sad.

She has a habit of appearing at unexpected times, in unexpected places. In one famous incident, dinner failed to arrive for the army officers then stationed at Stirling. Apparently, the Green Lady was fascinated with watching the chef prepare dinner. Sensing he was being watched, he turned and saw her, a misty green figure, engrossed in his cooking, and he promptly fainted.

It is not known who she was in life, but two theories are put forth. Some believe she was the daughter of Stirling’s governor, betrothed to an army officer stationed at the castle. In an accident which is not described, her father killed the officer. She, in turn, threw herself from the battlements, and died on the rocks 250 feet below.

A more detailed story tells of an attendant of Mary, Queen of Scots. One night, the attendant dreamed that the queen was in danger. She jolted awake and rushed to the queen’s chamber to find the bed curtains on fire, and Mary sleeping soundly inside. She rescued the queen who later recalled a prophecy that she would be endangered by fire while at Stirling. It is suggested that this attendant remains at the castle as the misty green figure still seen today.

Tales from the Stirling Ghost Walk elaborates on the story, saying that the maid died of injuries received in rescuing her queen, and that she wore a green gown that night.

Today, she is often feared, as her appearances, in particular, the ones in which she appears sad, frequently precede some kind of disaster, including several fires. As a result, reports of her appearances are taken seriously and all documented. If this is indeed the ghost of the brave attendant, I prefer to think that she is offering warning, and still trying to save people.


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