The Minstrel Boy is getting steadily closer to release.  That’s not a very exciting update, is it?  I guess I can elaborate.


I have long felt the book is just too long.  However, not only has the feedback from multiple sources been not to cut anything, but often to add things.  As a result, there was a major editorial decision made this week in which The Blue Bells Trilogy became The Blue Bells Chronicles. Yes, it is now a series, rather than a trilogy, which makes many things more manageable, and hopefully will be enjoyable for readers, as well.


I am currently on what I expect to be a final edit, fixing only minor details, after which it will go through one more read-through each from my editor and myself.


Watch my facebook page, where I often post what I’m researching today for some clues as to what’s coming!  The thieving MacDougalls–father, son, and daughter-in-law–play a bigger role, a minor character from Blue Bells will show up at Bannockburn with secrets of his own, and gallows are being built for…someone!


Keep watching for the release date, and if you’d like to join a blog hop and enter to win a $10 gift card to, click through to my other site.